Your Company Needs Google+

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By now, the greater part of the population is familiar with search engines. Hundreds of millions of people use the internet every day for both personal and professional purposes. Google has become a household name in this respect; to put it another way, researching for the layman is now “Googling.” Another realm that remains at the forefront of the digital landscape is social media. People like being able to communicate with one another and brands online, especially in forums that allow them to forge their own personal profiles. Facebook and Twitter may seem to lead the pack, but a lesser known, yet just as important service is actually operated by the king of search itself. Google+ was launched just two years ago, but it has since acquired a membership base nearing 350 million a month.

What is Google+ Anyway?

For those who understand the platform, they know it is a distinct breed of social media, a hybrid of sorts that is very beneficial to business owners. The circle is Google’s playing card from the network perspective. As a user, you can have others join your circle and in turn follow groups that share common business interests. That is not all though; in the realm of search engine optimization, greater emphasis is being placed on the likability factor of websites. If you have a blog, for instance, the more +1s that your content receives (along with Facebook likes and Twitter tweets), the more trustworthy it will appear to search engines. Thus, attaining better SERPs is just another reason why establishing your company’s presence on Google+ is paramount.

Why Your Company Needs Google+
It allows highly targeted visitors to find your brand
Every company has a sub-niche of customers, that is the “cream of the crop” so to speak. For plumbing contractors, for example, this is typically homeowners and other companies, as these are the people that need the services they provide the most. In this scenario, being a member of Google+ allows local customers to find your website easier, thanks to Google Places.

You can use hashtags
They first made their appearance in Twitter, but have since spread throughout the social media scene. Hashtags allow people to find information about what other people are talking about by way of searching a keyword. This is gold for businesses because it gives you the ability to increase your website’s traffic even further. It is an effective way to market and distribute your brand’s content.

Multi-media sharing
As mentioned, the best way to get noticed is to get your brand out in the open. With Google+Business you can quickly disseminate blog links, pictures, and videos to members of your network, who can in turn pass that content on to their friends. The digital ripple effect is one of the best things about the internet, and Google has made it easier than ever for businesses to engage their customers.

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