Why is Search Engine Optimization so Important?

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization is an important, yet often overlooked (and misunderstood) tool in your online marketing arsenal. The implementation of SEO is also essential to the long-term, web marketing success of your website. SEO unlike SEM (Search Engine Marketing), is focused on “organic” or “natural” search engine results rather than “paid” search engine results from pay-per-click programs offered by major search engines including Google, Yahoo and MSN. Since Google has the lion’s share of the organic (and paid) search market, naturally, many web marketers focus on optimizing search results for Google.

However, it is important to note that successful organic search engine results generally take longer to achieve than paid search advertising. Some web marketers may utilize both approaches. So for example, let’s say you are thinking about building a new website selling vintage watches. Because a successful SEO program takes time to gain momentum, paid search (a pay-per-click program) offers immediate placement in the search engine results, based upon a number of factors, including the advertiser’s budget, cost-per-click, ad quality and landing page relevancy to targeted keywords.

Thus, it is highly recommended that the serious online business hire a web design/development company who also has a proven track record of SEO success which they can call upon to implement in their design or redesign of your website.

Bemo Design’s professional Search Engine Optimization Consultants are ready to assist you in achieving your organic search engine results. We focus on a number of important “on page” and “off page” techniques such as keyword research, optimization of website architecture, page content, meta tags, link building and more. These techniques are implemented in every website we build.

Search Engine Optimization Company, Bemo Design, will give you feedback on your website and help you prioritize what changes need to be made to optimize your site.