Google Ads for your Business – 3. Keywords Matter!

Google Ads for your Business – 3. Keywords Matter!

(Series 3 of 6) By Bemo Design, your Google Ads Management Company in Scottsdale.

In this 6 part series you will learn PPC terms, bidding strategies, and best practices to create effective advertisements on Google Ads.

Every Search Starts With Keywords – Optimize Yours For Best Results

Keywords matter whether you’re optimizing your website for organic website traffic or creating a focused ad campaign to attract the right people to your website or offer – keywords matter!

Google relies on keywords to provide the best search results for every query made by voice or text. For this reason, referencing relevant keyword phrases within your ads and copy builds a stronger foundation for rankings and results.

When creating an ad, every ad group in your campaign should target a small set of keywords, or long-tail search phrases, that contain three to five words. Google will use these phrases to display your ad to people searching for them.

If you’re struggling with keyword phrases, Google Keyword Planner can help you get ideas and inspiration.

Match Types

When setting up your ads, selecting the best Match Type helps you stay in control of your campaign. Match types provide room for experimenting with your keyword phrase selection.

Available match type options include Broad Match, Modified Broad Match, Phrase Match, and Exact Match targeting.

When using Broad Match, it targets any word in your keyword phrase, no matter what order used. For instance, “hot yoga in Scottsdale” will match with both “yoga Scottsdale” or “hot yoga.”

Modified Broad Match type allows you to attach specific words within your keyword phrases by connotating them with a plus (+) sign. Your ad will trigger when someone searches for any of the words or terms that are marked this way.

Phrase match will correlate search queries that could include your primary keyword phrase in the exact order. However, it may consist of other words before, withing or after your key phrase.

For instance, if the key phrase you’ve targeted is “hot yoga,” your ad could display for “evening hot yoga classes” or “hot yoga for fun” or “where are hot yoga studios.”

Exact Match is the most defined match option available. Your ad only triggers when a searcher uses the exact keyword term you’ve selected. For instance, searches for “hot yogis” and “hottest yoga” won’t trigger an ad display because they aren’t an exact match.

For those who are new to the Google advertising platform and aren’t sure how their customer persona searches, starting with a broad match campaign, provides valuable insights. Using the data collected, you can narrow and refine your ads for the best possible results.

Always be sure to monitor your ads and make adjustments to maximize your budget spend. Sometimes, one single tweak to your campaign is the difference between failure and success.

Choose Your Words Wisely

When writing an ad or corresponding copy on your landing pages, make the words you choose count!

Creating an optimized landing page with language and keyword phrases that match your ad is highly recommended for continuity.

Adding related keyword phrases on your landing or web pages helps search engines with latent semantic indexing.

When you have everything optimized, you can rank higher in search and ad results across the board, which is the ultimate goal of every successfully optimized web page and advertising campaign.

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