Google Ads for your Business – 4. Best Practices For Your Landing Pages

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(Series 4 of 6) By Bemo Design, your Google Ads Management Company in Scottsdale.

In this 6 part series you will learn PPC terms, bidding strategies, and best practices to create effective advertisements on Google Ads.

Best Practices To Follow For Your Landing Pages

When you consider the average person having exposure to an estimated six to ten thousand advertising messages each day in 2020, capturing the attention of your ideal prospect or customer persona could take time, skill, and compelling – but truthful – content.

But before we get to the part about getting clicks and running paid marketing campaigns, you have to start with your landing page.

If you’re not familiar with landing pages, this is a specific type of web page with very little or no navigation, encouraging visitors to take one of few actions when they “land” at your page.

An effective landing page optimized for sales and conversions can prove quite profitable – especially when you combine it with a profitable ad campaign to promote it to your target audience.

Best Practices For Your Landing Page
When setting up your Landing pages ahead of a paid ad campaign, here are some of the best practices worth following to ensure the best possible results.

Landing Page Content – The content on your landing pages should always be consistent. 

For instance, if your marketing plan is to run a promotion for one item in your catalog, creating an ad that lands correctly on the sales page is good business sense. Sending visitors to the top end of your website and expecting them to find the item wastes time and makes them leave feeling frustrated or misled, which is not good business sense.

Call To Action Buttons And Links – Don’t assume that people automatically know what to do when they get to your landing page. A clear and straightforward call to action buttons and links help visitors with guidance on what action they’re supposed to take next. Whether you’re looking to collect Email addresses for a mailing list or special offer, you want your visitors to understand your intent.

Test The Page Before Putting It In Production – Much the same way you shouldn’t assume people instinctively know how to navigate your website; you shouldn’t conclude that your landing page is configured correctly without first testing it.

For instance, let’s say you’re offering a free whitepaper for signing up with Email. In this conventional example, there are several steps to test.

First, make sure you’re collecting the contact information correctly in your Email client and campaign management console.

If you don’t see new signups (and you know you’ve had them) in your Email marketing console, you may need to do further debugging to make sure they don’t fall through the cracks!

After you’ve confirmed the signup process is running as expected, you’ll want to verify that you’re sending out the whitepaper to the people who entered their Email address to receive the premium content right away.

After these initial interactions, adding them to a drip campaign or a series of follow up Emails can help to build trust and a stronger relationship with your readers and client base.

Get Ready To Run!
After the initial setup and successful testing of your Landing page, sending live traffic is the next test of your work. If you beat a conversion rate of 2.35%, you’ve done better than the average advertiser across industries.

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