Google Ads for your Business – 5. Getting the most out of your Google Ads Budget

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(Series 5 of 6) By Bemo Design, your Google Ads Management Company in Scottsdale.

In this series you will learn how to get the most out of your Google Ads Budget. Bemo Design can reduce your monthly spend AND increase your Ads effectiveness!

How to Manage Your Google Ad Budget Effectively
Google Ads is an extension of Google’s search engine and display network, so understanding basics helps people get the most from their campaigns. It’s worth noting that Google’s primary concern remains relevant, so relevant ads are likely to perform best.

Relevancy refers to showing an ad that directly relates to the searcher’s intent. Google makes less money, and customers are less satisfied by results that are too far from the mark.

Efficient Google Ad Campaigns Focus on Relevancy
Relevance means that you have a match between the search and the landing page offer and ad. A customer who wants to find a smoke shop near me will likely click on an advertisement for a local store that uses a closely related title.

There’s no sense for a business twelve hours away to advertise for that traffic. It also makes no sense for a company with an unrelated product to bid on the term.

This relevancy is what keeps Google Ads competitive. Although there will be competitors bidding with the same offering, there will be no competition from unrelated bidders.

Eliminating Waste Reduces Costs
Another essential concept to understand is the idea of stop words. These negative keyword phrases are ones that you don’t want to trigger an ad because doing so would be wasteful. One of the all-time fastest and most effective ways to rapidly improve your conversion rate while lowering your costs is to spend the time to add as many of these phrases as possible.

You have three choices when setting negative keywords.

  • Broad match
  • Phrase match
  • Exact match

It’s up to you to decide which method to use or choose to use a combination of all three, depending on your campaign’s needs. Although it takes extra time and planning to get this aspect of your Google Ads right, setting things up successfully will determine whether you succeed.

Monitoring your campaigns is a necessity. If you don’t keep an ever-watchful eye on your ads, you may find wild variances in your bids. That’s because your competitors aren’t sitting still.

They, too, are adjusting their strategies and bids to attract the same prospects as you. The environment is competitive, and your rivals are looking for whatever advantage they can find, even if it’s small. Some active advertisers change their bids multiple times daily, while others use automation to make adjustments continuously.

Continue Your Learning and Education
Google is a company that’s not afraid to change their interface or to add features. It’s worth keeping in touch with all the upgrades and continuing your education. Running successful Ads campaigns is a technical accomplishment and requires a firm grasp of digital marketing fundamentals.

If you decide not to get training, you might want to outsource to third party experts. Since they specialize in running campaigns, they have lots of data to help guide their decisions. Choose one who works with others in your industry to leverage their expertise to make your business grow.

If you decide to do it yourself, it’s worth investing money in training and education to ensure you’re not falling behind in knowledge. For business owners, investing in this form of education is a profitable venture because Ads drive more revenue than most alternatives.

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