Facebook Ads Management & Marketing

Do Facebook ads work?

The short answer is YES! The long answer…

As the owner of an marketing agency specializing in Facebook Ads, I can tell you that Facebook Ads definitely work. And I use them for my companies.

We have clients getting 3, 5 and over 20x return on the money they spend on Facebook Ads. Each is it’s own case with different objectives, products and processes.

I hear a lot of people say that “Facebook ads don’t work”, and what I’ve typically found when talking to these people is that they decide to boost one post and put their whole budget into it. The boosted post runs and they don’t get any sales, so it’s considered a failure.

What they didn’t do is to plan out a strategy, and understand what you want to accomplish with the ads first.

Facebook has so many options in their campaign objective type, the targeting and the creative that it can be confusing for a novice user.

Facebook ads don’t always work immediately. About 80% of the time, our job as an agency is to use our processes and experiences, to quickly figure out what is NOT working and double down on what is.

Facebook ads work, when you either get lucky with a great ad, audience, and offer combinations or you take the time and manage a process to find the right ad, audience and offer combination.

The difference between a novice user and a seasoned pro is that the novice thinks they will have a winner on the first ad. Whereas the pro, knows 80% of the ads they create will fail and has a process to quickly identify and sort the winners and losers.

Another thing the pros know, is that your business and pricing structure help decide if “Facebook Ads work”.

What does this mean?

A lot of newer advertisers think that selling an inexpensive product should be easy and that it will be cheap to sell a lot of a five dollar product. With organic traffic, sure. With free traffic, this is a five dollar profit (give or take).

With Facebook ads, you are always competing in an auction against other advertisers. So it’s most likely that selling to people who don’t know you will be generally expensive. $10 and up for a purchase conversion.

With that cost in mind you should know that you need to have a sales process that brings in more than that. It doesn’t have to be on the first sale. Once you get someone to buy from you, it’s more likely they will buy more in the future.

Facebook ads do work, but a business needs to really think about the strategic structure of the ads, and the lifetime value of the customer.

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