Google Ads for your Business – 6. Maximum Results For Your Google Ad Bidding Strategies

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(Series 6 of 6) By Bemo Design, your Google Ads Management Company in Scottsdale.

In this series you will learn how Bemo Design’s team of Google Certified Professionals, fits your company with the perfect Ad Bidding Strategies for maximum ROI.

Picking the best Bid Strategy
It’s tempting to allow Google’s AI to make all your bidding decisions for you. After all, that’s the fastest way to set up campaigns. But, Google’s AI often adds “Search Keywords” that do not fit your company. Then your Ads are showing to people that are not your ideal market, which is a waste of your money, and will not get you business. 

Manual bidding takes much more time but gives you total control over your Ads experience. Automated bidding is much quicker to implement, but relies on third-party, automated decision making to place all your bids. And here again, it may add things that are not relevant to your company.

Which one of these options you select is entirely dependent on what you hope to accomplish.

Cost per Action Is Always an Option
If you’re well aware of how much each conversion is worth, you may consider using Google Ads’ Cost Per Action (CPA) bidding model. This method sets an amount you’re willing to pay in the event of a visitor taking a specific action.

An excellent benefit to this type of approach is that you can ensure that you make a profit, provided you’re receiving conversions.

Ad Optimization Lowers Click Costs
Advertisers who don’t optimize landing page offers specific to their ads are in big trouble with Google Ads. That’s a fast way to overpay and bid too high thanks to Google Quality Score.

Unless the offer, the ad, and the headline are all aligned, quality suffers, and you end paying higher costs than you need to for a campaign. That mistake is enough to cause any advertiser to lose money if the situation goes unchecked.

Always Use Conversion Tracking
Setting up and tracking the progress of goals is a big step in the right direction. With tracking firmly in place, you can find out how much you’re paying while learning more about the precise customer journey.

Paying close attention to your key metrics allows you to make the type of adjustments needed to steer campaigns from borderline profitability to turning over excellent returns.

Tie Your CRM and Google Ads Together
Tight integration between your CRM and Google Ads campaigns is another excellent way to control bids and costs. It’s crucial to know that tracking is working for any visitor from Ads and that your team is handling their inquiries promptly and professionally.

 All the best programs have integration options that will give you deeper insights into the relationship between an ad and your organization.

UTM Codes Help Complete the Picture
It’s worth making use of the Urchin Tracking Module or UTM codes that Google provides. They have a UTM builder in their backend that allows you to add parameters to your add that will provide additional insights for marketing. Using them lowers your bids because it helps you understand which parts of your campaign are the most effective. You’ll always know precisely how people moved through the funnel before purchasing.

Deep insights are the most profound benefit of Google Ads, but they take work to understand the system. Consider that it takes quite a bit of time and effort to become a Google Ads expert. Even when you are, you’re still competing with plenty of people who are also good at placing ads and bidding. If you follow the best bidding strategies for your products, it will allow you enough profit and room to continue driving revenues.

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