Google Ads for My Home Group Agents and Teams




30+ Leads a Month*
$600 Total Monthly Spend
•  $300 to manage the Ads
•  $300 to run the Ads


70+ Leads a Month*
$1,000 Total Monthly Spend
•  $500 to manage the Ads
•  $500 to run the Ads

MHG Google Adwords Marketing Services

Bemo Design is your Google Ads Management Company in Scottsdale.

Your time is valuable.
You need marketing solutions, not problems.
You need LEADS NOW, not later.

Potential buyers and sellers that are searching for your services on Google, will see your AD at the very top of the page! When they click on your Ad, it will take them to your website. You pay every time someone clicks on your Ads. This is considered a Pay-per-click, and is why it is so important for us to manage your ads. We will set up your account to drive the best potential clients to your site making your ad money work smarter.

Bemo Design is GOOGLE CERTIFIED. Let us simplify it for you. We will create the Google Ads Campaigns for you or your team, and manage it every month.

You have control of your ad budget each month and once that monthly limit is met, the ads just shut off until the next month. The more you pay Google, the more times your Ads show each month.  Bemo Design charges to manage these Google Ads Campaigns for you, drive the best potential clients your direction and keep you informed of how well your campaign is doing. You can adjust your spending when needed, or completely pause everything and continue when you’re ready for more clients.

I personally run Google Ads for all my real estate leads and spend around $500 per month. My results were over 250K Impressions and 1,200 Clicks on my Ads, which led to 60+ Leads that signed up and performed home searches. There are many variables that go into this, and each campaign is different. For example, you would pay more per click for “Homes in Scottsdale”, than you would for “Homes in Phoenix”, because there is more competition. Keep in mind that the results would be even better for a Team of agents that could pool their money and spend more per month on Ads.

One of the best things about Google AdWords is that the results are pretty much instant. As soon as your campaign has been approved, you can start receiving traffic in a matter of minutes. As a result, you can start getting sales on the same day you start your campaign.

Receive great leads that are looking to buy now, in months, or in a year. So when the Market gets better, YOU will be ready!

Current MHG Agents Reviews:

“Bemo Design created and is managing my Google Ads Campaigns for lead generation on my home search website. The ads are very successful and are producing a lot of leads at a better price than management companies I have used in the past. My add dollars are going a long way! Bemo Design has been great to work with, has done a great job and I highly recommend them!”

“Bemo Design created and managed my Google Ads Campaigns. I am getting plenty of leads and Brian gives you great value for the money. You would be smart to give Bemo Design a try. You will not regret it. I definitely recommend Bemo Design if you need more leads and clients.”